I’m just a literary guy, not a professional critic. I like discussing what/who I read, but, in an increasingly non-literary way. I have a hard time finding like-minded individuals with whom I can share my interests, which, incidentally, extend far beyond literature and into spoken word, language, linguistics, history, advertising, fonts, formatting, story-telling and style. This website is tocropped-img_12691.jpg serve as a haven, or perhaps beacon, for similar types of nerdlings.

I like to think I have very eclectic literary tastes and so I read everything from comic books to Charles Dickens. I’m also super open to book recommendations – good, bad or ugly – if you think it’s worth a look, I’ll give it a go…*ahem* provided I have the time.

What you can expect to find at

  • print media reviews
  • author bios
  • style tips and advice
  • fanatic raves (or rants)
  • word bios (etymological histories)
  • Lit Mag contests
  • book reports

There’ll be a lot more,  I’m sure, but for now, I think that’s a healthy-looking list.

If you’re interested in obsessing over me, I can be found on instagram (@wtprobert) where I share quotes I like from all kinds of artists, athletes, politicians, saints, etc. I also just started a twitter account (@truerwtprobert) where I occasionally say pithy things.